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Mapping out Financial Stability

James Cavin is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and business owner of one of the only wireless networking companies in Oklahoma.

“During the war, my buddy, Brian and I would talk about what we were going to do with our lives when we returned home to our families,” says James. “Ironically, Brian had the same type of background in networking that I did. So we put our heads together and mapped out a plan for our future and a business.”

With the help of his comrade and a $250,000 business loan made available by the Cherokee Nation’s Small Business Assistance Center, James established DTS Communications. DTS provides wireless Internet capabilities to residential customers and cities, a relatively new technology that allows connection to the Internet using radio waves instead of phone lines.

“DTS is one of the only companies of its kind in the state,” says James. “Oklahoma City and Bartlesville have similar capabilities, but are not linked together like the system we have established in Pryor.”

James says that DTS is growing and will need to expand in the near future. He hopes to be in a position to provide jobs to citizens in Cherokee communities.

“I want to thank the Cherokee Nation, not just for the loan, but for the knowledge provided to DTS,” says James. “They helped us to create a business plan and model that has helped us move into a direction that will allow DTS to be more successful.”